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How To Convert An Android App To An Ios App And Vice Versa

Once you’ve found some sense of security, converting an Android app to iOS can help you in various ways. Both mobile app platforms cover up to 95 percent of mobile devices available worldwide (74.94 percent on Android, 19.84 percent on iOS). Because J2ObjC does not assist with UI coding, you must build a significant portion of your app from scratch with this approach. As you can see, this tool will assist you in transferring application logic and data model-related code.

To use this approach for your project, you need a skilled iOS developer. The reason behind this is that it is a more complicated approach than using the MechDome converter. So, it requires extensive new normal for software development experience.

The Android platform is considered the most popular OS and iOS is more dominant in some markets. That’s why a presence on both platforms gives you sufficient opportunities for new user acquisition. The situation is easier if you transform your Android app to iOS. In general, Apple users are more prone to difficulty with their devices and thus the main tends to adopt the latest operating system versions.


One might ask a question if it is possible to discard this part and work only with the business-related features. The answer is no – the platform-specific code is the thing making the app look native. Support will not become an issue too if you pick a professional agency as the service provider. If the agency really has a good hand in shifting and converting apps from one platform to another, it can provide complete high-quality support. This is important if your current app supports the right to left languages like Arabic or Hebrew. This essentially means that you would have to think about the direction in which your content is moving or being displayed.

Moreover, there are certain checkpoints in mobile development when adding even the smallest changes would mean that developers have to write a substantial part of the code anew. To make the development process faster and more cost-efficient, there are a couple of tips. They’re quite easy to follow and can be integrated into the workflow even before the development starts. You should make sure not to work android converter to ios with companies that offer 100% identical apps for both operating systems since it’s simply not possible. So when you are converting an Android app to iOS, or vice versa, you need to keep in mind that the design of your product should be properly revised to provide convenient navigation. If you have experience developing Android apps, you know that this platform follows the Material Design UI guidelines.

how to convert android to ios

However, not all users update the devices as soon as the latest version airs. Thus, to make sure your app is working correctly, you need to make it compatible with at least three latest versions of the iOS/Android systems. Let’s assume you have created an Android platform app, successfully launched it, and decided to expand the project by acquiring users of the iOS platform.

These buttons affect how users interact with the application. Android users commonly use soft keys to return to a previous screen, whereas iOS users use back buttons or a new gesture of swiping from left to right. In terms of time and money, starting your project with a single platform was a wise decision. Instagram, one of the most popular apps nowadays, was initially available only to Apple users. First, the app concept was finalized, and thousands of downloads provided positive feedback. Only then did Instagram’s team decide to port the iOS app to the Android platform.

For example, there are no equivalent functions for widgets, root access, wallpapers, and so on. Not only can you convert new apps, but you can also convert existing ones. Your team should only maintain one codebase, which is for the Android app.

Why Convert An Ios App To Android

Some apps, however, do have a portion of their total user base. The situation becomes easier if you convert an Android application into an iOS one. It often happens that mobile users don’t update their devices to the latest OS for whatever reason.

Another important aspect of converting Android apps to iOS that I’d like to highlight is the device buttons. These buttons have an effect on how users interact with the application. To return to a previous screen, Android users commonly use soft keys. However, iOS users use back buttons or a gesture of swiping from left to right. Therefore, this has a significant effect on the development of user interaction with a device as well as the way apps are designed. Furthermore, this factor influences the app’s interface design.

  • You can transfer contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone in several ways, all of which are free.
  • In case you need to convert an iOS app to Android, these assets are sliced into the next resolutions like mpdi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and provided in .png format.
  • The programming languages are different for both the mobile operating systems.
  • Luckily, it is not necessary to make adjustments for each screen size.

Your options are probably now limited to social channels, email, and in-app notifications. Browse other questions tagged android ios ipad or ask your own question. Quality that is a long way from ideal and requires total modification and streamlining by iOS designers.

How To Convert Ios App To Android

Starting with iOS 10, most well-known Apple mobile devices are compatible, with 92% of users. Basically, you should focus your efforts on the three most recent iOS versions. Swift and Objective-C, programming languages used in custom mobile app development for Apple products. You can also read the guide to migrate objective C projects to swift. Before starting the development process, it’s crucial to take into account the devices and their screen sizes.

how to convert android to ios

The programming languages are different for both the mobile operating systems. It’s often a good option for your app to convert from android to iOS and vice versa rather than starting over with a fresh project. Now you have enough knowledge on the ins and outs of mobile app porting and can make an informed decision on when to do it. A common delusional belief has emerged that for iOS conversion, one just needs to translate the code.

This section is rather for those who haven’t yet figured out the benefits of porting Android to iOS or vice versa. So if you’re not one of them — just jump to the next heading. Be it the need to cover as many users as possible or good results you’re getting from one application. Developing an app for a single platform first is rational decision for many businesses. Especially if they’re just exploring new client acquisition channel or experiencing a lack of resources.

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This process helps the app development team put the relevant design to the code. This is necessary because iOS has been evolving and apps have made the evolution too with programming languages like Objective-C, xCode, and Core “C”. Let’s look at the differences between the Android and iOS operating systems so you can better understand why the app conversion process is so time-consuming and difficult.

It will create a local network on Android mobile and then you can choose that network on the iPhone. After choosing network on iPhone you will be able to transfer videos from Android to iPhone. App developers always use certain external tools and libraries when building a mobile app. To convert iOS app to Android app, surely, one has to check for compatibility of those tools in Android. In case they are not compatible, it’s necessary to find a proper alternative frameworks. One of the first steps in Android app development is defining the minimum Android version supported by your app.

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Swift and Objective-C are programming languages for Apple products. Besides that, Kotlin and Java are two programming languages that are used in Android development. The market is also an important factor to consider before converting an Android app to iOS or vice versa. It makes no sense if 95% of the target market uses a single platform, such as iOS or Android.

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As said, there is no way to do it using app converters, code translators, and stuff. Porting demands a deep understanding of logic and coding performed by a professional. As you understand, it’ll take some time for a development team to build your application. The may be pretty complicated, especially for fast-growing applications.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get this taken care of. Keeping your contacts shouldn’t be challenging, so we are glad having multiple platforms isn’t stopping us too much. The process isn’t exactly straightforward, but you can do any of these without too much effort or research.

The principle workload here is on the shoulders of the technical specialist, viz the software engineers and the designers. Having your app on the iOS store is a big deal but it also comes with its fair share of complications. For example, you have to put everything in order exactly as iOS wants you to. To do this, you need a software specialist who can assist in properly completing this important task. You need to decide certain aspects for iOS applications such as app design specifics, functional specification, business logic structure, and source code nuances.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone With The Move To Ios App

Android provides various awesome features in terms of high flexibility, versatility, and scalability as compared to iOS. When it comes to converting iOS applications to Android applications, you get more options to make your applications more flexible and easy to reachable by more Android users. You must be wondering whether it is possible to port iOS app to Android or if it is the right step to do so? In this article, you will learn how to convert iOS app to android and then how to port an application further without any hassle. Apple has created the Move to iOS app to help you transfer your phone data from Android to a new iPhone.

This examination allows for the preparation of the scope of work to maximize the potential and performance of the new app. It’s a common misconception that all it takes to convert an Android app to iOS is to translate the code. Programming languages, like other languages, have their syntax and semantics, rules, algorithms, etc. Fortunately, there is no need to make changes for each screen size.

After you’ve settled in, you may want to explore a bit further beyond the apps you already know. Unlike iOS, Android allows all sorts of clever tools for customizing and controlling the core user interface, and some of them can enhance your efficiency in pretty interesting ways. If you want to keep all of your existing text messages and bring them over to your new phone, an app called iSMS2droid can get the job done. Sure, you should not expect “the more developers the faster delivery” effect. The best option would be to hire same team for an Android app as for initial iPhone app, and vice versa.

As well as app coding and app designing, converting an iOS app to Android or vice versa includes quality assurance. This service usually takes around 30% of the total development time. The quality assurance engineers are testing application in terms of code functioning and correspondence in design interface and navigation.

Only after the concept was finalized and after it garnered positive feedback, the iOS app was converted to its Android version. Business App BuilderTurn leads into clients and prospects into sales with the help of a mobile app for your business. How to Create an AppLearn how to make an app in easy steps with our no-code app maker; and how to publish it to app stores. Here, you should ultimately view the whole project from the point of view of both technical and business specifics. The most proper elements to carry out essential functions in both areas can be most adequately laid out by a Software architect and a Business analyst, respectively.


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